We would highly recommend Kevin Evans for all of your real estate needs.

Sitting here in our beautiful new home, we have been reflecting on how everything has worked out to bring us here to St. Augustine, FL.  Specifically, we have been thinking about all of the wonderful things our agent, Kevin Evans has done to get us here.  We can’t say enough about Kevin’s professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge and connections in this area of Florida.  He not only brings these qualities to help his clients during the real estate transaction, he helps make such an easy transaction into the community.  We recently purchased a home with Kevin’s help in March 2016.  We moved from Pittsburgh, PA, and only ad two days to find and purchase a home. Kevin made sure that our home search would be successful in such a short period of time.  He met us first thing on Saturday morning, and worked with us exclusively that entire weekend.  His knowledge of the area, local school districts, and home construction helped us narrow down our search tremendously.  The stress and anxiety of home buying was greatly reduced with Kevin’s expertise.  Kevin does not forget about you once the deal is done.  We have called and emailed him numerous times for recommendations on lawn service, flooring, specialists, even fun activities to do in the area.  The list goes on!  He responds immediately, and we have been so pleased with all of his recommendations.  Kevin even went so far as to give us a gift to welcome us to the neighborhood!  To this day, Kevin still makes us feel like we are his top priority.  We would highly recommend Kevin Evans for all of your real estate needs.