What does my house smell like?


First impressions are important! As the buyer, you step through the door to what you hope is your next
home only to be smacked in the face by the smell of last night’s fish dinner. Or are faced with an
extraordinarily strong incense! Some smells may cloud the buyer’s ability to focus on the home. Buyers
may question extra strong incense lit right before the showing; buyers may ask what you are trying to
cover up. I have had buyer ask the questions of what is that smell? And why would they make it smell
this way on purpose?

So, what are some good things to keep in mind while your home is open for showings?


 Cook fragrant meals outside on the grill and make sure all clean up and take out the trash. If you are
craving something aromatic schedule a showing appointment. You can also use this as an excuse to

enjoy a nice dinner or lunch out.


 Use fabric fresheners on furniture pets frequent. This will help freshen the home.


 If you have completed a home improvement project such as painting, or floor refinishing make sure
the rooms are well ventilated. Do not be the house they remember because the vanish smell that

gave them a headache!


 If you still want a scent use a softer approach. Try a plug -n aromatic devices that add scent to the



 Take into consideration the location of you home and pick one scent and stay with it. Even good
scents can be too much or to many good scents can be a bad thing. And although the stove can add
bad strong scents it can also add good scents. Imagine its wintertime and you step into a home that
smells like fresh baked cookies or cinnamon rolls! Little things like this help buyers recall your house
after a long day of looking at homes. “Remember the house that smelled like fresh bake cookies? I

really liked that one!


Here is a list of the most popular scents:
 Pine
 Rosemary
 Lemon
 Thyme
 Green Tea
 Basil
 Citrus
 Vanilla
 Cedar
 Cinnamon
 Soft florals